Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Girl #2!

That's right, we just found out today that we are expecting another little princess to join big sister Silly Lily!!

SL is very excited about becoming a big sister to a girl, mainly because boys make her nervous. She has three girl cousins and all my close friends have girls so she is rarely around boys. When we go to the mall playground and there are boys, she is very skittish and hangs back by me to watch the other kids play. When it is all girls at the playdate/playground she is very outgoing and friendly. I am hoping that when she starts preschool in the fall she will grow out of this.

Mr. Sew Silly has been saying all along that this is another girl. He is happy that he has been proven right (again) but I know a little part of him was wishing for a son for all that male bonding stuff. I told him we can just try for a boy with the next one, which made him laugh nervously and look at me with crazy eyes. I know he is thinking "What if we have a third girl??!! How will I pay for all those weddings?" lol

I am really excited! I am a planner so I am excited to get to work on the nursery and on all the cute little matching outfits for my silly little girls. I could scream with excitment but I am at my "real job" so I will hold it in for now.

This is my first personal post, I hope you all don't mind me throwing some info about me and the fam on here every now and then. I will leave you all with the money shot of Baby Sew Silly.

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